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*Google search
*Google search
==Where Is The Content Located On The Page?==
==Where Is The Content Located On The Page?==
Synonyms and keywords are listed at the top of the page.
Synonyms and keywords are listed at the top of the page, as seen [[Premature ventricular contraction|here]].
==What Is The Syntax Of The Content?==
==What Is The Syntax Of The Content?==

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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1] Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief: Charmaine Patel, M.D. [2]


The purpose of synonyms and keywords is to help search engines locate the content, and to let authors know that a topic appears on a given page so that duplicate pages are not created.

Where Do I Find Synonyms?

Where Is The Content Located On The Page?

Synonyms and keywords are listed at the top of the page, as seen here.

What Is The Syntax Of The Content?

  • Type {{SK}} into the edit box. On the page it will appear like this: Synonyms and Keywords:
  • List the synonyms. The general method of listing is to capitalize the first letter of the first synonym, and thereafter only capitalize letters of proper nouns.
  • Separate each synonym with a semicolon and a space.
  • The list of synonyms and keywords appear as outlined below, and should be complete and exhaustive. A good example of a complete, exhaustive list of synonyms and keywords is for Premature Ventricular Complex:

Synonyms and Keywords: PVC; PVCs; premature ventricular contractions; premature ventricular complex; premature ventricular complexes; premature ventricular beat; premature ventricular beats; PVB; PVBs; ventricular premature beat; ventricular premature beats; VPB; VPBs; ventricular premature complex; ventricular premature complexes; ventricular premature contraction; ventricular premature contractions; VPC; VPCs; extrasystole, ventricular;

Note the the use of abbreviated terms, the plural version of the terms, and alternative order of the words in the term. If there is a British spelling or version of the word, this should also be included under synonyms and keywords.

What If Someone Searches For The Synonym?

  • The synonyms should be created into redirects, so that anyone searching for the synonym will be directed to the disease page you are creating.
  • First check that the synonyms do not already have pages that exist. This is to avoid duplicating content for the same disease.
  • Creating a redirect:
    • For example, to create a redirect so that someone searching for the synonym Alport syndrome would be directed to the hereditary nephritis page, type Alport syndrome into the main search box on Wikidoc.
    • If the page has not been created, it will say "There were no results matching this query".
    • Click where it says "create the page Alport syndrome on this Wiki!", which will take you directly to the edit box.
    • Type in the edit box #redirect[[hereditary nephritis]]
    • Click the save button at the bottom of the edit box.
  • After you have created the redirect, test it out by searching for the redirect you created.
  • You can also create redirects for alternate spellings or errors that could be made when searching for a disease. For example, you could create redirects for "Alport's syndrome" or "Alpert syndrome".
  • For more help on how to create redirects, click here.