How to Create a Board Review Question

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There are various medical board examinations for which people use questions similar to those seen on the exam, to practice for the exam. In general, questions alone are not sufficient to study for an exam. They are a supplemental tool to test ones knowledge, and help to solidify what they have learned. WikiDoc has created a Board Review Question section, where a user may both create questions, or test their knowledge for the Boards.

How to Create a Board Review Question

  1. Go to the home page on WikiDoc, and click on the icon that says, "Board Review", or click here.
  2. Click on the icon that says "Click here to add questions".
  3. Type in the name of the author of the question.
  4. Select from the dropdown menu, the specific exam that your question pertains to.
  5. Categories for the question will appear. Check off ONE main category, and the appropriate subcategories that the question covers.
  6. Type in the general explanation for the question in the box that says "overall explanation".
  7. Use the remaining boxes to type in the answers to the questions and the explanations for each of the answers.
  8. Enter in the letter denoting the correct answer, and then check the "Reviewed" box, once you have checked over your work.
  9. For more information on how to create a board review question, click here.