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Linda Geng

Linda Geng, MD, PhD WikiDoc Resident Physician Contributor

Professional Background

Dr. Geng is currently an Internal Medicine resident physician at Stanford University.

She was part of the NIH-funded Medical Scientist Training program (MSTP) at the University of Washington from 2006 - 2015, where she received her MD and PhD dual degrees. At the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Dr. Geng completed her thesis work on the molecular pathogenesis of an inherited muscular dystrophy called FSHD. Between MSTP and starting residency, she performed post-doctoral research at the UT Southwestern Medical Center investigating the effects of Paneth cells in inflammatory bowel disease.


  • 2015: M.D. received from University of Washington.
  • 2011: Ph.D. received from University of Washington.
  • 2006: B.S. in Biochemistry and Cell biology received from Rice University.
  • 2006: B.A. in Psychology received from Rice University.