Substituted amphetamine

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The substituted amphetamines are a family of amphetamine-based stimulants, hallucinogens, and other recreational drugs. They each have a methyl group on the alpha carbon, often have methoxy groups on the 2 and 5 carbons, and have variant groups on the 3, 4, and 5 carbons. Examples include DOB and DOI. Many substituted amphetamines are amphetamine analogues of the 2C's.

Amphetamine, the basis of all substituted amphetamines.
File:Ganesha chem.png
Ganesha, one of the less common substituted Amphetamines
Nomenclature R3 R4 R5 2C analog Structure
3C-BZ OCH3 OC(CH)5 OCH3 NA 120px
Aleph H SCH3 H 2C-T 120px
Aleph-2 H SCH2CH3 H 2C-T-2 120px
Aleph-4 H SCH(CH3)2 H 2C-T-4 120px
Aleph-6 H SC(CH)5 H NA 120px
Aleph-7 H S(CH2)2CH3 H 2C-T-7 120px
DOB H B H 2C-B 120px
DOI H I H 2C-I R-DOI chemical structure.png
DOM H CH3 H 2C-D 120px
DOBU H (CH2)3CH3 H NA 120px
Ganesha CH3 CH3 H 2C-G 120px

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