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Solute carrier family 35 (CMP-sialic acid transporter), member A1
Symbols SLC35A1 ; CST; CMPST; hCST; inactive
External IDs Template:OMIM5 Template:MGI HomoloGene38181
Template:GNF Ortholog box
Species Human Mouse
Entrez n/a n/a
Ensembl n/a n/a
UniProt n/a n/a
RefSeq (mRNA) n/a n/a
RefSeq (protein) n/a n/a
Location (UCSC) n/a n/a
PubMed search n/a n/a

Solute carrier family 35 (CMP-sialic acid transporter), member A1, also known as SLC35A1, is a human gene.[1]

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  1. "Entrez Gene: SLC35A1 solute carrier family 35 (CMP-sialic acid transporter), member A1".

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