Primary ciliary dyskinesia differential diagnosis

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link= ciliary dyskinesia

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Primary ciliary dyskinesia must be differentiated from other conditions that cause infertility, sinusitis, otitis media, and rhinitis.

Differentiating Primary ciliary dyskinesia from other Diseases

primary ciliary dyskinesia should be differentiated from other diseases that cause rhinosinusitis, otitis media, and infertility.

On the basis [symptom 1], [symptom 2], and [symptom 3], [disease name] must be differentiated from [disease 1], [disease 2], [disease 3], [disease 4], [disease 5], and [disease 6].

Diseases Clinical manifestations Para-clinical findings Gold standard
Symptoms Physical examination
Lab Findings Imaging
Age Of Onset nasal discharge cough wheeze jaundice Blood levels Xray chest CT scan
Cystic fibrosis. Infancy + + + - - Hyperinflation,

Peri bronchial thickening

Not indicated. Genotyping

CFTR gene mutation.

Sweat chloride test.

  • Alpha1-Antitrypsin (AAT) Deficiency






decreased AAT levels

Hyper lucency in lungs.


Blood test.
Allergic Broncho pulmonary aspergillosis. 40-50 - + + - Eosinophilia. Round mass with air-crescent sign. Aspergilloma on CT chest. Sputum analysis.

Lung biopsy for fungal culture

Diseases cough nasal discharge wheeze Lab 1 X-ray CT scan Gold standard


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