Penile discharge

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Penile discharge is commonly associated with STD's. A thorough sexual history along with a complete medical history and physical exam are necessary. In addition, cultures for STD's should be taken though rarely are nonsexually transmitted diseases the cause.


Common Causes

Risk Factors

A patient that is not circumscised is at higher risk for STD's.


History and Symptoms

  • History includes:
  • Personal history
  • Sexual history
  • Note: onset, color, type and duration of discharge

Physical Examination

  • Genital exam

Laboratory Findings

X Ray

  • X-ray for detection of foreign bodies, when necessary.


  • Penile discharge should be treated as an STD until definitivly ruled out.

Medical Therapy


Acute Pharmacotherapies

Primary Prevention

  • Suggest the patient inform all sexual partners of disease so they can seek treatment.
  • Discuss safe sexual practices.

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