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Template:DiseaseDisorder infobox Please Take Over This Page and Apply to be Editor-In-Chief for this topic: There can be one or more than one Editor-In-Chief. You may also apply to be an Associate Editor-In-Chief of one of the subtopics below. Please mail us [1] to indicate your interest in serving either as an Editor-In-Chief of the entire topic or as an Associate Editor-In-Chief for a subtopic. Please be sure to attach your CV and or biographical sketch. Phakomatoses (or "neurocutaneous syndromes") are disorders of central nervous system that additionally result in lesions on the skin and the retina. These tissues have a common ectodermal origin. The term, which means "spot", was introduced by Jan van der Hoeve in the 1920s, before the distinct genetic basis of each of these diseases was understood.

Examples of phakomatoses


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