Mitochondrial carrier

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Mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier
OPM superfamily21
OPM protein1okc

A mitochondrial carrier is a protein in the solute carrier family which transfers molecules across the membranes of the mitochondria.

A variety of substrate carrier proteins that are involved in energy transfer are found in the inner mitochondrial membrane or integral to the membrane of other eukaryotic organelles such as the peroxisome[1][2][3][4][5][6].

Such proteins include: ADP, ATP carrier protein (ADP/ATP translocase); 2-oxoglutarate/malate carrier protein; phosphate carrier protein; tricarboxylate transport protein (or citrate transport protein); Graves disease carrier protein; yeast mitochondrial proteins MRS3 and MRS4; yeast mitochondrial FAD carrier protein; and many others.

Structurally, these proteins can consist of up to three tandem repeats of a domain of approximately 100 residues, each domain containing two transmembrane regions.

Examples include:

Human proteins containing this domain

HDMCP; LOC153328; MCART1; MCART2; MCART6; MTCH1; MTCH2; SCAMC-2; SLC25A1; SLC25A10; SLC25A11; SLC25A12; SLC25A13; SLC25A14; SLC25A16; SLC25A17; SLC25A18; SLC25A19; SLC25A21; SLC25A22; SLC25A23; SLC25A24; SLC25A25; SLC25A26; SLC25A27; SLC25A28; SLC25A29; SLC25A3; SLC25A30; SLC25A31; SLC25A32; SLC25A33; SLC25A34; SLC25A35; SLC25A36; SLC25A37; SLC25A38; SLC25A39; SLC25A4; SLC25A40; SLC25A41; SLC25A42; SLC25A43; SLC25A44; SLC25A45; SLC25A46; SLC25A5; SLC25A6; UCP1; UCP2; UCP3;


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