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major histocompatibility complex (human), class I, B47
Alleles B*4701
Structure (See HLA-B)
Symbol(s) HLA-B
EBI-HLA B*4701
EBI-HLA B*4702
EBI-HLA B*4703
Locus chr.6 6p21.31

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HLA-B47 (B47) is an HLA-B serotype. The serotype identifies the HLA-B*47 gene products (B*4701, B*4702, B*4703) .[1] Comparison of B47 nucleotide sequence with other HLA-B sequences shows a segment of 228 bp identical with B44 in the alpha 1 domain and a segment of 218 bp identical with B27 in the alpha 2 domain, but only a 91 bp segment of identity with B13 in the alpha 1 domain. The complex pattern of substitutions and their degree of divergence indicate that HLA-B13 and HLA-Bw47 alleles are not related by a simple mutational event.[2] B47 is linked to (close to on the chromosome) a gene that causes adrenal deficiency. B47 is generally low in frequency and with highest known frequencies in Central and Western Africa. (For terminology help see: HLA-serotype tutorial)


B47 serotype recognition of Some HLA B*47 allele-group gene products[3]
B*47 B47 Other Sample
allele % % size (N)
4701 50 37 317
4702 40 40 5
4703 25 50 4

Serotyping for B47 is poor and typing is best performed with SSP-PCR or gene sequencing.

Disease Associations

B47 is linked to Adrenal 21-hydroxylase deficiency.[2] The CYP21 gene is located close to B47 between HLA-B and HLA-DRB1 locus.

B*4701 frequencies

HLA B*4701 frequencies
ref. Population (%)
[4] Bamileke (Cameroon) 2.6
[4] Zapotec (Oaxaca, Mexico) 2.2
[4] Niokholo Mandinka (Senegal) 1.6
[4] Mbenzele Pygmy (CAR) 1.5
[4] Nandi (Kenya) 1.3
[4] Sudanese 1.3
[4] Yaounde City (Cameroon) 1.1
[4] Lusaka (Zambia) 1.1
[4] Central Portugal 1.0
[4] Bulgaria 0.9
[4] Czech Republic 0.9
[4] Cape Verde Islands 0.8
[4] Berber (Morocco) 0.7
[4] Finland 0.6
[4] Svans (Georgia) 0.6
[4] Bergamo (Italy) 0.6
[4] Romanians 0.6
[4] North Delhi ((India)) 0.5
[4] Orkney Isles (Scotland) 0.5
[4] Basque (Guipuscoa, Spain) 0.5
[4] Southeastern (France) 0.4
[4] Oman 0.4
[4] Kenya 0.3
Regions of Africa with Higher B4701 frequencies
Orange = 1 to 3%
Yellow = 0.1 to 1%


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