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major histocompatibility complex (human), class I, B82
Alleles B*8201
Structure (See HLA-B)
Symbol(s) HLA-B
EBI-HLA B*8201
EBI-HLA B*8202
Locus chr.6 6p21.31

HLA-B*82 (B*82) is an HLA-B allele-group. There is no current useful serotyping for HLA-B*82 gene products.[1] B*8201 was first identified by sequence analysis and appears to be derived by gene conversion between B*5602 and another HLA class I allele.[2], later B*8202 was identified in a caucasian and was suggested to be ancestral to B*8201, as product between gene conversion of B*5602 allele and B*4501 allele. B*82 is more common in East Africa, Kenya and Sudan, the frequency of B*8201 is found in the peoples to the west, sporadically in Central and West Africa, B*8202 is found in Sudan and Saudi Arabia.[3]


B82 serotype recognition of Some HLA B*82 allele-group gene products[4]
B*82 B82 other Sample
allele % % size (N)
8201 3 79 146

Allele frequencies

HLA B*8201 frequencies
ref. Population (%)
[5] Luo (Kenya) 1.9
[5] Guinea Bissau 0.8
[5] Natal Zulu (S. Africa) 0.5
[5] Beti (Cameroon) 0.3
[5] Kenya 0.3
[5] Kampala (Uganda) 0.3
[5] Nandi (Kenya) 0.2
HLA B*8202 frequencies
[5] Sudanese 2.5
[5] Kenya 0.7
[5] Guraiat and Hail (Saudi Arabia) 0.2


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