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Common Causes

Causes by Organ System

Cardiovascular Retinal vasculitis
Chemical/Poisoning Chemical conjunctivitis
Dental No underlying causes
Dermatologic Atopic keratoconjunctivitis, Erythema multiforme, Ketotifen, Linear IgA bullous dermatosis, Ocular cicatricial pemphigoid, Stevens-johnson syndrome
Drug Side Effect Apraclonidine, Bacitracin , Cyclosporine, Diclofenac, Gatifloxacin, Neomycin, Nepafenac, Pegaptanib, Polymyxin, Rimexolone
Ear Nose Throat Allergic rhinitis, Cogan syndrome, Sinusitis
Endocrine Graves' ophthalmopathy
Environmental No underlying causes
Gastroenterologic Inflammatory bowel disease
Genetic Bruton agammaglobulinemia
Hematologic No underlying causes
Iatrogenic No underlying causes
Infectious Disease Bacterial conjunctivitis, Canaliculitis, Candidiasis, Chlamydial conjunctivitis, Chlamydophila caviae, Common cold, Congenital herpes simplex, Congenital rubella syndrome, Congenital toxoplasmosis, Fungal conjunctivitis, Gonococcal conjunctivitis, Herpes simplex keratitis, Herpes zoster ophthalmicus, Herpetic keratitis, Ocualr tuberculosis, Syphilis, Trachoma, Viral conjunctivitis
Musculoskeletal/Orthopedic Ankylosing spondylitis, Myasthenia gravis, Relapsing polychondritis, Seronegative spondyloarthropathies, Undifferentiated spondyloarthritis
Neurologic Cluster headache, Sympathetic ophthalmia
Nutritional/Metabolic No underlying causes
Obstetric/Gynecologic No underlying causes
Oncologic No underlying causes
Ophthalmologic Acute conjunctivitis, Allergic conjunctivitis, Amblyopia, Anisocoria, Atopic keratoconjunctivitis, Bacterial conjunctivitis, Behçet’s disease, Blepharitis, Blocked tear duct, Canaliculitis, Cataract, Charles bonnet syndrome, Chemical conjunctivitis, Chlamydial conjunctivitis, Cogan syndrome, Conjunctivitis, Corneal abrasion, Corneal injuries, Corneal ulcer, Dacryoadenitis, Dacryocystitis, Diplopia, Ectropion, Endophthalmitis, Episcleritis, Eyelid lesions, Fungal conjunctivitis, Glaucoma, Gonococcal conjunctivitis, Graves' ophthalmopathy, Herpes simplex keratitis, Herpes zoster ophthalmicus, Herpetic keratitis, Hypopyon, Iridocyclitis, Itchy eyes, Keratitis, Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, Keratoconus, Macular degeneration, Meibomian cyst, Meibomianitis, Ocualr tuberculosis, Ocular cicatricial pemphigoid, Open-angle glaucoma, Ophthalmitis, Orbital cellulitis, Periorbital cellulitis, Pinguecula, Primary infantile glaucoma, Pterygium, Retinal vasculitis, Scleritis, Seborrheic blepharitis, Stye, Sympathetic ophthalmia, Tolosa–hunt syndrome, Ulcerative keratitis, Uveitis, Vernal keratoconjunctivitis, Viral conjunctivitis
Overdose/Toxicity No underlying causes
Psychiatric No underlying causes
Pulmonary No underlying causes
Renal/Electrolyte No underlying causes
Rheumatology/Immunology/Allergy Allergic conjunctivitis, Allergic rhinitis, Allergy, Ankylosing spondylitis, Atopic keratoconjunctivitis, Behçet’s disease, Bruton agammaglobulinemia, Cogan syndrome, Inflammatory bowel disease, Linear IgA bullous dermatosis, Myasthenia gravis, Ocular cicatricial pemphigoid, Pollen allergy, Relapsing polychondritis, Seronegative spondyloarthropathies, Stevens-johnson syndrome, Undifferentiated spondyloarthritis
Sexual No underlying causes
Trauma Blunt injury, Corneal abrasion, Corneal injuries, Trauma
Urologic No underlying causes
Miscellaneous Foreign body, Itchy eyes, Tears

Causes in Alphabetical Order


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