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Tc-99m labeled sulfur may be used in nuclear imaging to provide some indication of hepatic function in cirrhotic patients. In candidates for liver transplant, CTA is used to asses the drainage of the liver. All patients with cirrhosis must undergo a diagnostic endoscopy for the evaluation of varices. Gastric endoscopy is an option if gastric varices are suspected, and endoscopic ultrasound may also help in the visualization of varices. ERCP is performed if a biliary pathology such as primary sclerosing cholangitis is suspected as the underlying cause of cirrhosis.

Other Imaging Findings

Nuclear Imaging



Esophageal varices-By Samir, via Wikimedia Commons[8]
Gastric varices-By Jeremias (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons[9]

Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)


Three dimensional portal venography

Venography Source:Open-i[16]
Venography-Case courtesy of Dr Omar Bashir, via[17]


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