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This is the article about the popular form of storytelling. For the song by Madonna, see Bedtime Story.
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A bedtime story is a traditional form of storytelling, where a story is told to a child at bedtime to prepare them for sleep.

Bedtime stories have many advantages, for parents/adults and children alike. The fixed routine of a bedtime story before sleeping has a relaxing effect, and the soothing voice of a person telling a story makes the child fall asleep more easily. The emotional aspect creates a bond between the storyteller and the listener, often a parent and child.

Bedtime stories can be read from a book, or rather, fictional stories made up by the storyteller. The stories are mostly rather short, between one and five minutes, and have a happy ending. A different form of bedtime reading is using longer stories, but dividing them up, thus creating cliffhangers. Children will look forward to their bedtime story, and a fixed routine is installed.

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