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In surgery, Bariatric surgery is defined as "surgical procedures aimed at affecting metabolism and producing major weight reduction in patients with morbid obesity."[1]


Neurologic complications have been reviewed[2].


Thiamine deficiency after bariatric surgery has been reported to display demyelination by nerve conduction study[3] although per Shible, citing the two Koike reports, this may be late stage finding[4] and due to severe protein calorie malnutrition[5].

After bariatric surgery, 6% of patients developed polyneuropathy (none showed demyelination although inflammation was present) [6]. One form of neuropathy is beriberi from thiamine deficiency[7]. However, both axonal and demyelination have been reported[8]. See Beriberi other diagnostic studies.

However, demyelination after bariatric surgery may be associated with:

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