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'''Atria''' may refer to:
#redirect:[[Atrium (heart)]]
*[[Atrium (heart)]] (plural: atria), an anatomical structure of the heart
*[[Atrium (architecture)]] (plural: atria), a large open space within a building
*[[Atria (star)]] or Alpha Trianguli Australis, a star in the constellation Triangulum Australe
*[[Atria Senior Living]], an American assisted living company
*Atria or [[Adria]], an Etruscan city in the Veneto region of Northern Italy
*Atria or [[Atri, Italy]], an ancient city in the Abruzzo region of Central  Italy
*Atria, an [[Simon & Schuster#Imprints|imprint of Simon & Schuster]]
*Atria, a song by th japanese visual kei band NoGod

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