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In enzymology, an ATP phosphoribosyltransferase (EC is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction

1-(5-phospho-D-ribosyl)-ATP + diphosphate ATP + 5-phospho-alpha-D-ribose 1-diphosphate

Thus, the two substrates of this enzyme are 1-(5-phospho-D-ribosyl)-ATP and diphosphate, whereas its two products are ATP and 5-phospho-alpha-D-ribose 1-diphosphate.

This enzyme belongs to the family of glycosyltransferases, specifically the pentosyltransferases. The systematic name of this enzyme class is 1-(5-phospho-D-ribosyl)-ATP:diphosphate phospho-alpha-D-ribosyl-transferase. Other names in common use include phosphoribosyl-ATP pyrophosphorylase, adenosine triphosphate phosphoribosyltransferase, phosphoribosyladenosine triphosphate:pyrophosphate, phosphoribosyltransferase, phosphoribosyl ATP synthetase, phosphoribosyl ATP:pyrophosphate phosphoribosyltransferase, phosphoribosyl-ATP:pyrophosphate-phosphoribosyl phosphotransferase, phosphoribosyladenosine triphosphate pyrophosphorylase, and phosphoribosyladenosine triphosphate synthetase. This enzyme participates in histidine metabolism.

Structural studies

As of late 2007, 10 structures have been solved for this class of enzymes, with PDB accession codes 1H3D, 1NH7, 1NH8, 1O63, 1O64, 1Q1K, 1USY, 1VE4, 1Z7M, and 1Z7N.


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The CAS registry number for this enzyme class is 9031-46-3.

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