Von Hippel-Lindau binding protein 1

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von Hippel-Lindau binding protein 1
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LocusChr. X q28

von Hippel-Lindau–binding protein 1 (VBP1), also known as "prefoldin 3", is a chaperone protein that binds to von Hippel-Lindau protein and transports it from perinuclear granules to the nucleus or cytoplasm inside the cell.[1] It is also involved in transporting nascent polypeptides to cytosolic chaperonins for post-translational folding.[2]

VBP1 is a 197–amino acid heterohexamer comprising two prefoldin-α and four prefoldin-β subunits,[2] and is a member of the prefoldin-α subunit family.[3] It is ubiquitously expressed in tissues, and is located in the cell in the nucleus and cytoplasm.[3] The VBP1 gene is located at Xq28.[4] Homologues are known to exist between human VBP1 and proteins in mice, Drosophila and C. elegans.[2]

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