Vagina envy

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Vagina envy is a counterpart to the psychoanalytic concept of penis envy. A male, usually in the pubescent stage, realizes that he does not have a vagina and is jealous that girls do.

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    • "Envy and fascination with the female breasts and lactation, with pregnancy and childbearing and vagina envy are clues to a femininity complex of men which is defended against by psychological and sociocultural means." (quote from abstract)
  • Kitahara, M. "A cross-cultural test of the Freudian theory of circumcision." International journal of psychoanalytic psychotherapy v. 5, 1976, pp 535-546
    • "Bettelheim's theory of circumcision is less fully formulated, and only when we assume that males significantly reduce their vagina envy after puberty rites is his theory compatible with the data." (quote from abstract)