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Editing or contributing to a Wiki Doc is an easy process

Simply begin by searching the desired topic you would like to edit This will bring you to a new page with a text box containing the editable text of the original page When the page has loaded, click the tab at the top of the page marked 'edit' Also, clicking the edit button in the upper right corner of each section enables an edit page for that particular section When editing a Wiki Doc a certain syntax is used. This syntax is a combination of symbols that act similar to regular keyboard processes. For example

 == a section ==
 === a subsection ===
 ==== a subsubsection ====
 skip one line to introduce a new paragraph

 ''some text in italics''
 '''some text in bold face'''

 an internal link: [[Main_Page]] 
 an internal link from some text: [[Main Page | link to the main page]]
 an external link from some text: [ Wikipedia]
 a link to a Wikipedia article: [[Wikipedia:health economics]]

 : Note that the external link uses a single bracket: '['
 : all other links use a double bracket: '[['

 inter-language link to a different page: [[:es:Portada | Main Page in Espanol]]
 inter-language link to an equivalent page: [[es:WikiDoc:C%C3%B3mo_se_edita_una_p%C3%A1gina]]

 * a list item (a bullet or something equivalent)
 # an enumeration item (numbered)

 <code>some computer code</code> in a paragraph
  some computer code in a paragraph of its own requires a space character 
  at the beginning of each line.

 a TeX math formula: <math>\sqrt{\frac{\pi}{3}}</math>
 a TeX math formula on a single line:

 a bibliographic citation (see dedicated section below): <cite>some_key</cite>
 a bibliographic database (see dedicated section below): <biblio>...</biblio>

 an image (see dedicated section below): [[Image:Somefile.png | brief description]]

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