Supraorbital vein

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Vein: Supraorbital vein
Veins of the head and neck. (Supraorbital vein visible at upper right.)
The tarsi and their ligaments. Right eye; front view. (Supraorbital vessels labeled at upper right.)
Latin vena supraorbitalis
Gray's subject #167 645
Drains from    forehead
Drains to angular
Artery supra-orbital
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Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. [1]

The supraorbital vein begins on the forehead where it communicates with the frontal branch of the superficial temporal vein.

It runs downward superficial to the Frontalis muscle, and joins the frontal vein at the medial angle of the orbit to form the angular vein.

Previous to its junction with the frontal vein, it sends through the supraorbital notch into the orbit a branch which communicates with the ophthalmic vein; as this vessel passes through the notch, it receives the frontal diploic vein through a foramen at the bottom of the notch.

The areas drained by this vessel are the forehead, eyebrow and upper eyelid.

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