Stellate cell

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Stellate cell
Microcircuitry of the cerebellum. Excitatory synapses are denoted by (+) and inhibitory synapses by (-).
MF: Mossy fiber.
DCN: Deep cerebellar nuclei.
IO: Inferior olive.
CF: Climbing fiber.
GC: Granule cell.
PF: Parallel fiber.
PC: Purkinje cell.
GgC: Golgi cell.
SC: Stellate cell.
BC: Basket cell.
Dorlands/Elsevier c_18/12225156

In neuroscience, stellate cells are neurons with several dendrites radiating from the cell body giving them a star shapped appearance. The three most common stellate cells are the inhibitory interneurons found within the molecular layer of the cerebellum, excitatory spiny stellate interneurons and inhibitory aspiny stellate interneurons.

Cerebellar stellate cells synapse onto the dendritic arbors of Purkinje cells.

Golgi stained cortical neurons A) Layer II/IIIpyramidal cell B) layer IV spiny stellate cell

Cortical spiny stellate cells are found in layer IV. They receive excitatory synaptic fibres from the thalamus and process feed forward excitation to layer IV pyramidal cells. Cortical Spiny Stellate cells have a 'regular' firing pattern.

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