Sprengel's deformity

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Sprengel's deformity
ICD-10 Q74.0
ICD-9 755.52
OMIM 184400
DiseasesDB 31521
eMedicine orthoped/445 

Sprengel's deformity is a relatively rare and congenital skeletal abnormality where a person has one shoulder blade that sits higher on the back than the other.


The scapula is small and rotated so that its inferior edge points toward the spine. There is a high coorelation between Sprengel's deformity and the Klippel-Feil syndrome.

Sometimes a a bony connection is present between the elevated scapula and one of the cervical vertebrae, usually C5 or C6. This connection is known as the omovertebral bone.


It is named for Otto Sprengel.[1][2]


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