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23:10, 17 February 2018 Pleurisy and pneumothorax.jpg (file) 139 KB Hamid Qazi  
23:07, 17 February 2018 Pneumothoraxpatho.jpg (file) 94 KB Hamid Qazi  
23:00, 17 February 2018 Bullae and Bleb.jpg (file) 412 KB Hamid Qazi  
00:06, 17 February 2018 Squamous cell Ca.jpg (file) 197 KB Dildar Hussain (A-H) Hamartoma found in apicoposterior segment of superior of the left lung of a 54-year-old male. (A) Time density curve. (B-F) (original image, BF, BV, MTT, PS) type I parametric maps, PS value was moderate (12.029). (G) CD34 staining shows a few of...
23:33, 16 February 2018 Peripheral pulmonary nodules1.jpg (file) 203 KB Dildar Hussain (A-H) Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma found in the apicoposterior segment of superior lobe of the left lung of a 56 year-old male. (A) Time density curve. (B-F) (original image, BF, BV, MTT, PS) typeI parametric maps, PS value is higher (30.883)....
21:31, 16 February 2018 Figure 39 03 05f.jpg (file) 60 KB Akshun Kalia  
18:13, 16 February 2018 IJRI-25-109-g016.jpg (file) 26 KB Dildar Hussain Superior sulcus tumor. Axial (A) and coronal (B) CT scans show a large mass in the apex of the right lung causing destruction of the first and second ribs (arrows) with erosion of the right half of the vertebral body (arrowheads) suggestive of a superi...
16:48, 16 February 2018 IJRI-25-109-g015.jpg (file) 57 KB Dildar Hussain Incremental value of FDG PET/CT in baseline staging. MIP image of FDG PET scan shows intense tracer concentration in the right hemithorax (arrow, A) corresponding to a right lung mass (arrow, B). Also seen are two FDG-avid foci in the abdomen (arrowhea...
16:46, 16 February 2018 IJRI-25-109-g014.jpg (file) 66 KB Dildar Hussain Pleural effusion and role of FDG PET/CT. Enhancing lung masses seen on CT scans in two different patients (arrows in A and C) with minimal pleural effusions (arrowheads in A and C). Corresponding PET/CT scans show intense FDG-avid metastatic pleural de...
16:26, 16 February 2018 IJRI-25-109-g009.jpg (file) 54 KB Dildar Hussain FDG PET in nodal disease false-positive study. Maximum intensity projection (MIP) image shows an FDG-avid primary lung tumor on the right side (arrow, A) and multiple foci of FDG uptake in the mediastinum (arrowhead, A). CT scan shows enhancing, primar...
16:18, 16 February 2018 IJRI-25-109-g008.jpg (file) 47 KB Dildar Hussain FDG PET in nodal disease. Maximum intensity projection (MIP) image shows an FDG-avid primary lung tumor on the left side (arrow, A) and a focus of FDG uptake in the mediastinum (arrowhead, A). CT scan shows enhancing, spiculated primary tumor (arrow, B...
16:07, 16 February 2018 IJRI-25-109-g006.jpg (file) 39 KB Dildar Hussain Role of FDG PET/CT in primary tumor delineation. Irregular soft tissue opacity seen on coronal CT scan (arrow, A) with no obvious demarcation between the tumor and surrounding consolidation. PET/CT shows the FDG-avid tumor (arrow, B) separate from the...
15:56, 16 February 2018 Pulmonary-oedema.jpg (file) 56 KB Anmol Pitliya Case courtesy of Dr Jeremy Jones,, rID: 6463
02:03, 16 February 2018 Tension-pneumothorax-12.jpg (file) 269 KB Hamid Qazi  
01:52, 16 February 2018 Tension-pneumothorax-1.jpg (file) 185 KB Hamid Qazi  
18:19, 15 February 2018 IJRI-25-109-g012.jpg (file) 92 KB Dildar Hussain Brain metastases in asymptomatic patient, CT scan versus MRI. MRI brain in a patient of lung cancer shows multiple tiny enhancing foci scattered in the parenchyma bilaterally (arrows in A and B) suggestive of metastatic lesions. Corresponding contrast...
18:13, 15 February 2018 IJRI-25-109-g011.jpg (file) 37 KB Dildar Hussain Adrenal adenoma versus metastasis. Enhancing solid adrenal nodule on CT scan in a case of lung cancer (arrow, A) suggestive of metastatic deposit. Unenhanced CT scan shows fatty attenuation within the nodule with an HU value of 0 suggesting the possibi...
18:12, 15 February 2018 IJRI-25-109-g010.jpg (file) 43 KB Dildar Hussain Metastatic disease. Bilateral pleural effusions-M1a (arrow, A), lung metastases-M1a (arrows, B), adrenal metastasis-M1b (arrow, C), vertebral metastasis-M1b (arrow, D), brain metastasis-M1b (arrow, E), liver metastases-M1b (arrows, F)
17:35, 15 February 2018 Cwp.jpg (file) 227 KB Hadeel Maksoud  
16:52, 15 February 2018 IJRI-25-109-g005.jpg (file) 67 KB Dildar Hussain Stage T4 tumors. T4 tumor due to invasion of pulmonary artery (arrow, A), descending aorta (arrow, B), vertebral body (arrow, C), superior vena cava with thrombus (arrow, D)
16:45, 15 February 2018 IJRI-25-109-g004.jpg (file) 75 KB Dildar Hussain Stage T3 tumors. T3 tumor due to size >7 cm in size (arrow, A), eroding the ribs (arrow, B), infiltrating the mediastinal pleura but not the vessels (arrow, C), and causing atelectasis of the entire lung (arrowhead, D)
16:41, 15 February 2018 IJRI-25-109-g003.jpg (file) 61 KB Dildar Hussain Stage T1 and T2 tumors. Stage T1 tumor due to size <3 cm (arrow, A). Stage T2 endobronchial tumor (arrowhead) causing pneumonitis restricted to the upper lobe (arrow) in B. T2a tumor >3 cm but <5 cm (arrow, C). T2b tumor >5 cm but <7 cm (arrow in D)
16:26, 15 February 2018 IJRI-25-109-g002.jpg (file) 62 KB Dildar Hussain Lung cancers with atypical radiological pattern. Squamous cell cancer presenting as a cavitating mass (arrow, A). Adenocarcinoma presenting as dense consolidation (arrow, B). Bronchoalveolar carcinoma (adenocarcinoma in situ) presenting as ground-glass...
16:04, 15 February 2018 IJRI-25-109-g001.jpg (file) 65 KB Dildar Hussain  
15:22, 15 February 2018 Early asbestosis.gif (file) 233 KB Hadeel Maksoud  
15:15, 15 February 2018 Earlyasbestos.gif (file) 192 KB Hadeel Maksoud  
15:04, 15 February 2018 Honeycomb-lung-gross-pathology-1.jpg (file) 111 KB Aelsaiey  
23:50, 13 February 2018 ARISE Trial - lactate values.png (file) 9 KB Badgettrg Fall in lactate levels in the ARISE trial. {{cite journal| author=ARISE Investigators. ANZICS Clinical Trials Group. Peake SL, Delaney A, Bailey M, Bellomo R et al.| title=Goal-directed resuscitation for patients with early septic shock. | journal=N En...
18:59, 13 February 2018 22ebbc464e16ea1217228e3c9f4935 big gallery.jpeg (file) 58 KB Medhat  
18:58, 13 February 2018 75fb7cd80d5ca4074c474f93471ad4 big gallery.jpeg (file) 27 KB Medhat  
21:43, 12 February 2018 2119 Pulmonary Circuit.jpg (file) 665 KB Ssharfaei Illustration from Anatomy & Physiology, Connexions Web site., Jun 19, 2013. By OpenStax College - Anatomy & Physiology, Connexions Web site., Jun 19, 2013., CC BY 3.0,<ref name="...
21:40, 12 February 2018 Pulmonary Blood Circulation.png (file) 776 KB Ssharfaei This slide shows the arterial and venous blood circulation of the pulmonary system. By Artwork by Holly Fischer - - Respiratory Tract Slide 20, CC BY 3.0,<ref name="urlFile:Pulm...
23:09, 11 February 2018 (file) 1.5 MB Medhat  
22:55, 11 February 2018 Acute eosinophilic pneumonia.gif (file) 1.59 MB Medhat  
22:39, 11 February 2018 1e7d7876b789f20b025abaf191282f gallery.jpeg (file) 57 KB Medhat  
20:46, 9 February 2018 Cystic-bronchiectasis-causing-pneumothorax.jpg (file) 179 KB Hamid Qazi  
20:36, 9 February 2018 Bronchiectasis-4.jpg (file) 116 KB Hamid Qazi  
16:30, 9 February 2018 Bronchiectasis-gross-pathology-1.jpg (file) 253 KB Hamid Qazi  
21:12, 8 February 2018 Incarcerated-femoral-hernia-with-small-bowel-obstruction-2.jpg (file) 60 KB Khurram Afzal  
21:06, 8 February 2018 Incarcerated-femoral-hernia-with-small-bowel-obstruction.jpg (file) 53 KB Khurram Afzal  
20:38, 8 February 2018 Femoral-hernia-2-2.jpg (file) 62 KB Khurram Afzal  
20:04, 8 February 2018 Femoral-hernia-2.jpg (file) 80 KB Khurram Afzal  
17:21, 8 February 2018 DiarrheaMortalityallages.png (file) 605 KB Vellayat Ali DOI: 10.1016/S1473-3099(17)30276-1
16:51, 8 February 2018 Borders-of-the-Femoral-Canal.jpg (file) 73 KB Khurram Afzal  
16:40, 8 February 2018 Chronic cholecystitits usg.jpg (file) 47 KB Furqan M Muhammad
15:32, 8 February 2018 Chronic-acalculous-cholecystitis (1).jpg (file) 86 KB Furqan M Muhammad Case courtesy of Dr Matthew Lukies,, rID: 46881
15:21, 8 February 2018 Chronic-acalculous-cholecystitis.jpg (file) 90 KB Furqan M Muhammad Case courtesy of Dr Matthew Lukies,, rID: 46881
15:14, 8 February 2018 PulmEdema.PNG (file) 182 KB Farnaz Khalighinejad  
15:03, 8 February 2018 PSBOCT.png (file) 148 KB Hadeel Maksoud  
14:53, 8 February 2018 Ffs.gif (file) 590 KB Hadeel Maksoud  
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