Repression of heat shock gene expression (ROSE) element

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Repression of heat shock gene expression (ROSE) element
Type: Cis-reg; thermoregulator;
2° structure: Published; PMID 11726689; Griffiths-Jones S
Seed alignment: PMID 11726689
Avg length: 94.3 nucleotides
Avg identity: 65%

The repression of heat shock gene expression (ROSE) element is an RNA element found in the 5' UTR of some heat shock mRNAs. The ROSE element is a negative regulator of heat shock gene expression. The secondary structure is thought to be regulated by temperature. This regulation blocks access to the ribosome binding site under normal conditions. During heat shock however, the structure changes freeing the ribosome binding site and allowing expression to occur.[1][2]


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