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Problem Solved is a controversial slogan on a t-shirt designed by Route 66 Attitude, a clothing line sold by major U.S. department store Kmart. The shirt depicts two cells of a male and a female stick figures arguing in the first frame (captioned "Problem"), and in the second frame, he pushes her out of a window (captioned "Solved.")[1]

Due to a perception of its encouragement of violence against women, the t-shirt generated protests and petitions for its removal from Kmart stores across the United States in late 2006 and early 2007, including in Augusta, Maine, Oakland, California, Portland, Oregon,[2] and Toledo, Ohio.[3] While a spokesperson for Kmart's parent company Sears Holdings Corporation claimed that the shirt was intended to be "light hearted", Meijer claimed to have pulled the shirts immediately after a protest.[4]

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