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Synonyms and Keywords: Pineal gland tumors; Pineal gland cancer; Pineal gland cancers; Pineal gland neoplasm; Pineal gland neoplasms; Neoplasm of the pineal gland; Neoplasms of the pineal gland; Cancer of the pineal gland; Cancers of the pineal gland; Astrocytoma; Meningioma; Pineal gland; Parinaud syndrome; Brain tumor


Pineal gland tumors are broadly divided into four subcategories. The various types of pineal gland tumors include:[1]

1. Pineal parenchymal tumors: Pineal parenchymal tumors arise directly from the normal functional cells of the pineal gland, pineal parenchymal cells (pineocytes or their precursors), and they are distinct from other pineal gland neoplasms such as astrocytic and germ cell tumors. These tumors are formed after the embryological development of the pineal gland.
2. Pineal germ cell tumors: They are tumors which arise from the embryological abnormalities. They are derived from the germ cells, including sex cells, of the pineal gland during the developmental process of the pineal gland.
3. Astrocytoma of the pineal gland: They arise from the astrocytes, which are a particular kind of star-shaped, glial brain cells around the pineal gland.
4. Pineal metastasis: Pineal metastasis is a cancer that has metastasized to the pineal gland from another location in the body.

Pineal gland tumors


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