Oncocytoma (patient information)

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Oncocytoma (patient information)
ICD-O: 8290/0
DiseasesDB 31956
MeSH D018249



What are the symptoms?

What are the causes?

Who is at highest risk?

When to seek urgent medical care?


Treatment options

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Oncocytoma is a rare benign neoplasm arising from oncocytes. It occurs in various organs, such as bronchial, lacrimal, salivary, parathyroid, and thyroid glands–Hürthle cell adenoma, anterior pituitary, but particularly in the kidneys. Both adults and children may get this disease.

What are the symptoms of oncocytomas?

Usual symptoms include:

Other health problems may also cause these symptoms. Only a doctor can tell for sure. A person with any of these symptoms should tell the doctor so that the problems can be diagnosed and treated as early as possible. Oncocytosis is one such condition.

What causes oncocytomas ?

Its cause is yet unknown.

Who is at highest risk?

It is not clear at present.

When to seek urgent medical care?

If you experience either of the following symptoms, seeking urgent medical care as soon as possible:


  • Computed tomography (CT) scan: CT scans are often used to diagnose oncocytoma. It can confirm the location of the tumor and show the organs near the kidneys, as well as lymph nodes
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): An MRI uses magnetic fields but it is a different type of image than what is produced by computed tomography (CT) and produces detailed images of the body. Like computed tomography (CT), a contrast agent may be injected into a patient’s vein to create a better picture.

Treatment options

The main treatment for oncocytoma is nephrectomy.

Where to find medical care for oncocytomas?

Directions to Hospitals Treating oncocytoma

What to expect (Outook/Prognosis)?

The prognosis of oncocytoma depends on the surgery. Nephrectomy is an effective treatment for oncocytoma. After surgery, the outcome is good for patients.


For the reason of oncocytoma is not clear, the prevention measure is not known.