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Chemical and physical data
Molar mass246.3049 g/mol
3D model (JSmol)
Melting point172 to 173 °C (Expression error: Unrecognized word "to". °F)

O-Acetylpsilocin or 4-acetoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine (4-AcO-DMT) is a psychedelic (hallucinogenic). It is the acetylated form of the psychedelic mushroom alkaloid psilocin, and is a lower homologue of 4-Acetoxy-DET and 4-Acetoxy-DIPT. It may also be considered an analogue of psilocin and DMT, which are Schedule 1 Drugs under the Controlled Substances Act of the USA.


O-Acetylpsilocin is a newer psychedelic with a limited history.


O-Acetylpsilocin can be obtained by acetylation of psilocin under strongly acidic or under alkaline conditions. It is a synthetic compound. O-Acetylpsilocin is more resistant than psilocin to oxidation under basic conditions due to its acetoxy group.


See psilocybin for more details.

In the body 4-acetylpsilocin is evidently rapidly desacetylated to psilocin by acetylases and therefore has identical pharmacological properties to psilocin.


A dose of O-acetylpsilocin is 8 mg - 30 mg. These are slightly lower than that of the free phenol, psilocin. Some report very strong effects with 15 mg. The duration of 4-acetylpsilocin is usually slightly longer than that of psilocin at about 4-7 hours.

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