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Template:TOCRight The term non food crop applies to the use of agricultural crop for uses other than human (as food) or animal consumption (as feed).

The range of crops with non-food uses is broad. Products can be categorised by function:

Function: Products: Examples of crops used:
Biofuels and Bioenergy Bioethanol, biobutanol, biodiesel, syngas, bioelectricity Miscanthus, oilseed rape, wheat, sugar beet, maize, short rotation coppice (poplar, willow)
Building and construction Hemp-lime building materials, Straw building materials, Insulation, Paints, varnishes hemp, wheat, linseed, flax
Pharmaceuticals (traditional) and therapeutic proteins (novel) Drugs, botanical and herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, plant-made pharmaceuticals Borage, Cannabis sativa, Echinacea, Artemisia, Tobacco
Renewable biopolymers Plastics and packaging Wheat, maize, potatoes
Speciality chemicals Essential oils, printing ink, paper coatings Lavender, oilseed rape, linseed, hemp

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