Mycobacterium murale

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Mycobacterium murale
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Actinobacteria
Order: Actinomycetales
Suborder: Corynebacterineae
Family: Mycobacteriaceae
Genus: Mycobacterium
Species: M. murale
Binomial name
Mycobacterium murale
Vuorio et al. 1999, DSM 44340

Mycobacterium murale


Gram-positive, nonmotile and acid-fast rods or coccobacilli (0.4-0.5µm x 0.6-1.4µm).

Colony characteristics Smooth and scotochromogenic colonies of saffron yellow color.


Differential characteristics

  • Mycobacterium murale and Mycobacterium tokaiense share an identical 5'-16S rDNA sequence
  • However the ITS sequence of both species differs.


  • Not known.

Type Strain

  • First isolated from water-damaged indoor building material, Finland.

Strain MA112/96 = CCUG 39728 = CIP 105980 = DSM 44340 = HAMBI 2320 = JCM 13392.


  • Vuorio et al. 1999. A new rapidly growing mycobacterial species, Mycobacterium murale sp. nov., isolated from the indoor walls of a children’s day care centre. Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol., 1999, 49, 25-35.

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