Mortite Putty

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Mortite Putty - A type of putty that consists of Titanium Dioxide as its main ingredient. The putty has a specific gravity of 1.34, and has the following characteristics: pliable, off white, very little odor. The putty stays soft and pliable for an extended period of time.

The putty can be used as caulking around conventional windows installed in conventional wooden or metal frames (see glazing). It is also used as a form for epoxy work, since epoxy does not adhere to this material.

Mortite putty, along with epoxy can be used to "pour a new insert" on wooden golf clubs such as putters and drivers. The Mortite putty is shaped around the depression in a wooden club, such that liquid epoxy can be poured and can remain in place as it cures. The cured epoxy will set a distance above the finished golf club face. The Mortite is removed, and the epoxy can be filed to a finished height)

Mortite putty has also been applied to the metallic structure supporting the magnet for a dynamic speaker. This cuts unwanted resonance of the metal structure, and can lead to improved speaker performance.