Lumbar lymph nodes

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Lymph: Lumbar lymph nodes
Left Lumbar Lymph Nodes (Paraaortic Lymph Nodes)
1. Lateral aortic
2. Preaortic
3. Postaortic
4. Intermediate Lumbar

Right Lumbar Lymph Nodes (Paracaval Lymph Nodes)
5. Lateral caval
6. Precaval
7. Postcaval
The parietal lymph glands of the pelvis.
Latin lymphoglandulæ lumbales
Gray's subject #180 705
Drains from adrenal glands
Dorlands/Elsevier n_09/12574872

The lumbar lymph nodes (paraaortic nodes) are a group of lymph nodes residing in the lumbar region.

They consist of the following groups:

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