Immunoglobulin fold

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File:1ten fibronectin type III.png
Example of an immunoglobulin domain, the fibronectin type III domain from human tenascin (PDB accession code 1TEN), colored from blue (N-terminus) to red (C-terminus).

An immunoglobulin fold is a common all-β protein fold that consists of a 2-layer sandwich of ~7 antiparallel β-strands arranged in two β-sheets.

The backbone switches repeatedly between the two β-sheets. Typically, the pattern is (N-terminal β-hairpin in sheet 1)-(β-hairpin in sheet 2)-(β-strand in sheet 1)-(C-terminal β-hairpin in sheet 2). The cross-overs between sheets form an "X", so that the N- and C-terminal hairpins are facing each other.

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