Greater palatine foramen

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Greater palatine foramen
Permanent teeth of upper dental arch, seen from below. (Greater palatine foramen labeled at lower right.)
Base of skull. Inferior surface.
Latin foramen palatinum majus
Gray's subject #46 180
Dorlands/Elsevier f_12/12373477

At either posterior angle of the hard palate is the greater palatine foramen, for the transmission of the descending palatine vessels and anterior palatine nerve; and running forward and medialward from it a groove, for the same vessels and nerve.


The greater palatine foramen (GPF) is related to the upper 3rd molar tooth in most of the skulls (55%), 2nd molar in (12%), between the 2nd & 3rd molar in (19%) and retromolar in (14%). The shape of the foramen is elongated antero-posteriorly; however, an unusually crescent shaped foramen is rare.[1]

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