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Erwin Straus (1891-1975), a phenomenologist and neurologist of European origin, helped to pioneer anthropological medicine and psychiatry, a holistic approach to medicine that is critical of mechanistic and reductionistic approaches to understanding and treating human beings.

His books published in English include:

  • Man, Time, and World: Two Contrributions to Anthropological Psychology (1982, Humanities Press)
  • Language and Language Disturbances (1974, Duquesne University Press)
  • Psychiatry and Philosophy (1969, Springer)
  • Phenomenology: Pure and Applied (1964, Duquesne University Press)
  • On Obsession: A Clinical and Methodological Study (1987, Johnson Reprint Corp)
  • Phenomenological Psychology (1980, Garland)
  • Phenomenology of Memory (1970, Duquesne University Press)

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