Cuneonavicular articulation

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Cuneonavicular articulation
Ligaments of the medial aspect of the foot. (Cuneonavicular articulations labeled at upper left.)
Ligaments of the sole of the foot, with the tendons of the Peronæus longus, Tibialis posterior and Tibialis anterior muscles. (Cuneonavicular articulations labeled at center right.)
Latin articulatio cuneonavicularis
Gray's subject #96 356
Dorlands/Elsevier a_64/12161201

Cuneonavicular Articulation (articulation of the navicular with the cuneiform bones).—The navicular is connected to the three cuneiform bones by dorsal and plantar ligaments.

The Dorsal Ligaments

The dorsal ligaments are three small bundles, one attached to each of the cuneiform bones.

The bundle connecting the navicular with the first cuneiform is continuous around the medial side of the articulation with the plantar ligament which unites these two bones.

The Plantar Ligaments

The plantar ligaments have a similar arrangement to the dorsal, and are strengthened by slips from the tendon of the Tibialis posterior.

Synovial Membrane

The synovial membrane of these joints is part of the great tarsal synovial membrane.


Mere gliding movements are permitted between the navicular and cuneiform bones.

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