Carol Weihrer

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Carol Weihrer (born ~1951) is an activist for victims of anesthesia awareness. Beginning in 1989, Weiher suffered chronic pain from recurrent corneal erosion syndrome. After 14 unsuccessful surgeries to relieve the increasing severity of the pain, in 1998 she underwent an eye removal surgery and reportedly woke-up from anesthesia during the procedure.[1] Although she could not move or speak, she reportedly could feel almost everything that was being done to her, and she remembered the entire experience afterwards. Weihrer received an out of court settlement and maintains that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as result of her experience.[2]

Weihrer's website, Anesthesia Awareness, reports that the information contained within it represents only her experiences, views, research, and knowledge. It maintains that she is the President and Founder of The Anesthesia Awareness Campaign, Inc. whose costs "are being borne totally by [her] own personal commitment of time, money, energy, and outreach and research; along with a few monetary gifts."[3]


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