Butyrate-CoA ligase

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In enzymology, a butyrate-CoA ligase (EC is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction

ATP + an acid + CoA AMP + diphosphate + an acyl-CoA

The 3 substrates of this enzyme are ATP, acid, and CoA, whereas its 3 products are AMP, diphosphate, and acyl-CoA.

This enzyme belongs to the family of ligases, specifically those forming carbon-sulfur bonds as acid-thiol ligases. The systematic name of this enzyme class is butanoate:CoA ligase (AMP-forming). Other names in common use include butyryl-CoA synthetase, fatty acid thiokinase (medium chain), acyl-activating enzyme, fatty acid elongase, fatty acid activating enzyme, fatty acyl coenzyme A synthetase, medium chain acyl-CoA synthetase, butyryl-coenzyme A synthetase, L-(+)-3-hydroxybutyryl CoA ligase, and short-chain acyl-CoA synthetase. This enzyme participates in butanoate metabolism.


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The CAS registry number for this enzyme class is 9080-51-7.

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