Brachium of inferior colliculus

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Brain: Brachium of inferior colliculus
Human brainstem-thalamus posterior view description.JPG
1. Taenia choroidea (and lateral: Lamina affixa, Stria terminalis)
2. Thalamus, Pulvinar thalami
3. Third ventricle
4. Stalk of pineal gland
5. Habenula
6. Stria medullaris
7. Superior colliculus
8. Brachium of superior colliculus
9. Inferior colliculus
10. Brachium of inferior colliculus
11. Medial geniculate nucleus
12. Sulcus medianus
13. Superior cerebellar peduncles
14. Inferior cerebellar peduncle
15. Middle cerebellar peduncles
16. Tuberculum anterius thalami
17. Obex, Area postrema
Latin brachium colliculi inferioris
Gray's subject #188 806
Dorlands/Elsevier b_20/12194990


The Brachium of inferior colliculus (or inferior brachium passes forward and upward from the inferior colliculus and disappears under cover of the medial geniculate body.

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